Корица Yambol


интернет книжарница "Нова звезда"
Издателство: Витамин Арт

Корична цена:32.60 лв.
Отстъпка:6.52 лв. (20.00 %)
Цена:26.08 лв.
Подвързия:Меки корици

Due to its history which goes back to more than 1700 years, Yambol is considered one of the most ancient cities in Bulgaria as well as in Europe. The medieval fortress in Yambol was a strategic point at the South defensive line during the First and Second Bulgarian States. During times of Turkish dominance, the town was among the biggest cities in the empire. Moreover, after the liberation, the city has evolved to serve as an important economic and cultural center. Nowadays, Yambol is a city - a municipal and administrative center of region Yambol.